Pharmacy in Azusa

Azusa’s Pharmacy With No Long Lines

The Pax Pharmacy in Azusa is proud to provide you and the entire community a better pharmacy experience with shorter wait times and quality service that goes beyond picking up a prescription. This includes:

Azusa Medical Delivery Service

There are times when you need to get to the pharmacy, but your schedule will not allow it, which is why we offer you free, same-day medication delivery! If you are 50 miles or closer to Azusa’s Pax Pharmacy, you are eligible for this, and if you are outside of that range, you can have your medication mailed to you overnight for no additional cost.

Pharmacy With Long-Term Care in Azusa

A pharmacy with a long-term care program is one you can count on for all of your health needs in the present and future. That is why we offer you:

  • Emergency medication deliveries

  • Continuous access to pharmacists

  • Medications

  • Consultant pharmacy services to long-term care facilities, such as a nursing home

Pax Pharmacy’s long-term care program exists so you and all of Azusa can feel assured there will always be someone looking after your health.

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Your pharmacy should have people who care about your health for the rest of your life, not just about one prescription you need to fill. Call us today to learn more about how Pax Pharmacy will look after you!

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