Pharmacy in Monrovia

Monrovia’s Pharmacy With Short Wait Times

The Pax Pharmacy in Monrovia keeps wait times to a minimum by getting rid of long lines, which makes trips to the pharmacy more pleasant! To complement fast service, what we do for patients goes beyond filling and refilling prescriptions:

Delivering Medication in Monrovia

Even when you know there is not going to be a wait at the pharmacy, sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to make time for it. Pax Pharmacy understands this, and that is why we have a medication delivery service. Residents within 50 miles of our Monrovia pharmacy qualify for free, same-day delivery, and patients outside of this range can have their medication delivered overnight for free.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy in Monrovia

Patients can count on our Monrovia pharmacy for more than just their prescriptions. They can depend on Pax Pharmacy to be there for them in the long term with services like:

  • Consultant pharmacy services to long-term care facilities, such as a nursing home

  • Ongoing medication needs

  • Emergency medication deliveries

  • Continuous access to Pax pharmacists

By choosing the Monrovia Pax Pharmacy, patients can feel comfortable knowing they have a team of professionals looking after their health.

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