Pharmacy in Pasadena

Pax Pharmacy: Quality Service Without the Long Wait Times

Pax Pharmacy is where you, the patient, can feel assured your needs are what comes first. The Pasadena pharmacy staff knows no one wants to spend an extended amount of time there, so they focus on providing fast service! Aside from being able to quickly fulfill each patient’s medication refill needs, Pax Pharmacy helps them lead healthier lives with these services:

Medical Delivery in Pasadena

Even if you cannot get to our pharmacy to pick up your prescription, you can still get it that day with our delivery service! All patients within 50 miles of Pax Pharmacy in Pasadena are eligible to receive free, same-day delivery, and we offer patients outside of this radius a free overnight medical mailing service.

Pasadena’s Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Patients with ongoing conditions and who need regular medical attention can depend on Pax Pharmacy. This makes us more available to the community, by offering services like:

  • Consultant pharmacy services to long-term care facilities, like nursing homes

  • Emergency medication deliveries

  • Continuous access to pharmacists

  • Medications

Pax Pharmacy strives to be the pharmacy Pasadena can count on, and our long-term services are helping us achieve this goal.

Contact Pax Pharmacy, Your Pharmacy in Pasadena!

If you are in need of a pharmacy that can both deliver you quick service and be there for you in the long run, you can count on Pax Pharmacy, where living a happy and long life is what is most important.

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