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5 Reasons to Choose a Local Independent Pharmacy

Local Duarte Pharmacies Are a Great Choice for All Your Pharmacy Needs

Independent pharmacies offer plenty of benefits to their local customers, with personalized service, friendly staff, and cost flexibility. They can help you feel comfortable in a way that most chain pharmacies cannot, giving you the opportunity for improved care and medical understanding of your medications. Our Duarte pharmacists at Pax Pharmacy work hard to create a comfortable, helpful environment for our customers.

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Five Benefits of Going to a Local Pharmacy

There are plenty of reasons to choose an independent pharmacy like Pax Pharmacy over a big-box, chain pharmacy. If you are not sure where to go or whether to go to an independent pharmacy over a chain pharmacy, read the benefits of local pharmacies below.

1. Convenience. Many local pharmacies offer local delivery to patients who cannot physically get to the pharmacy in person. They will typically have shorter wait times, shorter lines, and more staff availability to answer questions and confer with patients.

2. Personalized service. With shorter lines and more staff availability, your local pharmacist can give you their undivided attention. The environment will be more comfortable, giving you the peace of mind that pharmacists are not in a rush and can answer all your questions. The staff at your local pharmacy are more likely to be friendly and welcoming, creating a more personal connection to each patient that can be fostered at chain pharmacies.

3. Cost savings. Independent pharmacies may be able to offer lower prices on generic drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and other items they carry that chain stores cannot. With less overhead and without corporately regulated prices, local pharmacists do not have the same markup as many big-box pharmacies.

4. Added services. Local pharmacies typically offer added services, including medication management, health screenings, long-term care, and pill packaging services.

5. Community Support. Although this is not necessarily a service offered, going to a local pharmacy has the added benefit of creating community support. From tax dollars staying in your neighborhood to civil contributions, local pharmacies pack the biggest bang when you want to support small, local businesses.

    Choose Local in Duarte at Pax Pharmacy

    Pax Pharmacy is proud to be a local Duarte pharmacy that offers so much more than a prescription fill. With services that include medication management, health screenings, and vaccinations, we are here to happily serve our Duarte neighbors. Let our team help you feel confident in your medication choices and be able to answer all your questions. Choose our local pharmacy in Duarte and help us support the community.

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