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Our Duarte Pharmacists Are Here to Help

Our pharmacists at Pax Pharmacy care about your health and are happy to provide tips, product recommendations, and prescriptions for all your summer activities. From skincare and burn prevention to...

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Why Choose Your Duarte Pharmacy for Vaccines and Immunizations

Vaccines and immunizations are integral to disease and illness prevention, but making appointments at your primary care office can be stressful and frustrating. Luckily, you can receive a variety of vaccines and immunizations at your pharmacy, skipping...

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Prescription Help at Your Local Duarte Pharmacy

Patients utilizing Medicare to cover their health care needs often need monetary assistance with prescription costs, too. As the costs for prescription medication rise, the need for assistance increases as well. Luckily, Medicare has an additional option for patients who...

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Safe Medication and OTC Drug Disposal in Duarte

Whether cleaning your medicine cabinet to start the new year fresh or for regular spring cleaning, your medicine cabinet should be part of your cleaning to-do list. Expired, unused, and unneeded medications pose a potential risk to you and your family. Plus, an unorganized, overflowing medicine cabinet can make for a difficult time finding what you need when ill or...

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Local Duarte Pharmacies Are a Great Choice for All Your Pharmacy Needs

Independent pharmacies offer plenty of benefits to their local customers, with personalized service, friendly staff, and cost flexibility. They can help you feel comfortable in a way that most chain pharmacies cannot, giving you the opportunity for improved care and medical understanding of your medications. Our Duarte pharmacists at...

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Patient Assistance for Rising Prescription Costs

Prescription drug costs are consistently on the rise, and the problem that poses to patients is absorbing the cost increase, whether they have insurance or not. Even patients with prescription coverage through their insurance may have to pay high out-of-pocket costs for medications that are not fully covered or prescriptions that are not covered at all.


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Duarte Pharmacists are Here to Help You Fight the Flu

Although the internet keeps you informed and can be a great resource when you have questions, you can find a wealth of knowledge at your local Duarte pharmacy. Your local pharmacist can provide valuable information, over-the-counter seasonal flu remedies, and...

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The Duarte pharmacy specialists at Pax Pharmacy discuss newborn essentials and explain all that you can get at our pharmacy!

Newborn Pharmacy Essentials

Pax Pharmacy Has What You Need for Your Newborn in Duarte

Welcoming your newborn baby home can come with feelings of overwhelm about all the essential products you need to purchase. Luckily, Pax Pharmacy has compiled a comprehensive list of exactly what you need to stock...

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The Duarte pharmacists at Pax Pharmacy discuss eight important questions to ask your pharmacist at your next visit.

Pax Pharmacy’s Duarte Pharmacists Have Answers

There are several important questions to ask your pharmacist about each of your prescriptions as well as general questions that are important to consider. At Pax Pharmacy, we are happy to help you better understand your medications and understand...

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The Duarte pharmacists at Pax Pharmacy describe five things they can do for you that you may not realize. Call us today for your pharmacy needs!

Pharmacists play a key role in your healthcare and medication management. They can help answer your pharmacy questions and offer a wealth of insight, information, and advice for Rx and over-the counter- medication. The Pharmacists at Pax Pharmacy in Duarte...

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The Duarte pharmacists at Pax Pharmacy emphasize patient understanding and safety and how they impact health services. Call us today at Pax!

The Role Of The Pharmacist In Patient Safety

Feel Safe with Your Duarte Pharmacist at Pax Pharmacy

On top of providing pharmaceutical-related services, your local Duarte pharmacy must also make you feel safe. The environment within your pharmacy, how the pharmacy staff...

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Feel Safe Receiving Immunizations and Vaccines in Duarte

Receiving the proper immunizations and vaccines in Duarte can maintain your health and protect others by preventing you from contracting and spreading diseases. They help the community look after each other, especially those considered at high risk for certain diseases or illnesses.

Vaccinations are vital to the community’s well-being and must be...

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Learning which Medicare plan provides the coverage you need can seem challenging, but a Duarte pharmacist makes it less complicated. Call Pax Pharmacy today!

Medicare Coverage in Duarte Can Include Pharmacy Visits

Helping you understand your conditions and prescriptions is one of Duarte pharmacists’ primary responsibilities. One purpose of services like...

Home Medical Devices

What You Need to Know About Medical Equipment in Duarte

Offering home medical equipment in Duarte is one way Pax Pharmacy serves your healthcare needs. That’s why our pharmacy has the following available:

  • Rollators
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Transport chairs
  • And more!

But medical-device support...

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Allergy prescriptions in Duarte are available so allergies don’t get in the way of your life. Whether seasonal, year-round or any other type, you can prevent allergies from getting you down with the right prescription and quality care. Pax Pharmacy takes allergy care seriously to help look after your overall wellness.


Pill Packaging

Pre-Dosed Pill Packages Help You Stick to Your Medication Regimen

There are several advantages and benefits of utilizing the option of prepackaged medications to make remembering, taking, and adhering to your prescription regimen. Prepackaged medications aid in not only medication adherence, but also in simplifying the overall difficulty that comes with opening child-proof containers, especially for the elderly. These...

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California Public School Immunizations Required for Your Child

Getting your child ready for the school year includes looking out for their health. That’s why it’s important for you to know the California public school immunizations your child needs. There are a total of six your child will need by seventh grade, according to the California Department of Public Health, but they won’t receive them all at once. Knowing...

Medications in shopping cart

Life can get so busy that picking up medication on time can become a burden. Forgetting about or putting off certain chores, including one as important as picking up your prescriptions, is understandable.

Medication Synchronization in Duarte is a program designed to help you stay on top of your prescription medication. Medication Synchronization, or...

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Medication Delivery Service In Duarte

Trips to the pharmacy can be hard to fit in your schedule. Duarte medication delivery service accommodates your busy life by bringing prescriptions to you.

5 Benefits Of Medication Delivery Service

Patients in a 50-mile radius of Pax Pharmacy are eligible for free medication delivery service in Duarte. Patients further than 50...

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Choose Your Local Pharmacy for a Pharmacist Who Cares

The availability of pharmacy options in your town can be overwhelming. With multiple chains in every direction and increasing use of pharmacies for cold, flu, and virus testing or prescription fills, it may be difficult to choose which pharmacy is best for you.

There are several reasons to choose a local pharmacy over a chain pharmacy. If the reasons below...