Home Medical Devices

Home Medical Devices: FAQs

What You Need to Know About Medical Equipment in Duarte

Offering home medical equipment in Duarte is one way Pax Pharmacy serves your healthcare needs. That’s why our pharmacy has the following available:

  • Rollators
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Transport chairs
  • And more!

But medical-device support goes beyond supply! How familiar you feel with certain devices matters. Our pharmacists in Duarte are available to answer any medical-device-related question you may have. Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs), below, can help you feel more confident using devices.

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Who Pays For My Medical Devices?

This all depends on your insurance provider and plan. Some providers and plans cover the entire cost. Others cover part of it, and there are other possibilities, as well. You can contact your insurance provider to better understand your plan, or you can have a Duarte pharmacist help you figure this out.

Who Will Provide Me With The Medical Devices I Need?

A benefit of a local pharmacy is receiving a personalized experience, which includes your pharmacist better understanding your medical condition. This allows them to know which medical equipment is best for you. Whichever pharmacist assists you can provide a medical device to improve your lifestyle. Enrolling in medication therapy management further familiarizes pharmacists with your healthcare needs.

Will A Pharmacist Show Me How To Use Medical Equipment?

Absolutely. The day you receive your medical device, your pharmacist will explain and show you how to use it. If you get home and realize you have more questions or simply want to confirm an answer, you can always call our Duarte pharmacy or come back for another visit.

What Happens If My Medical Devices Break Or Stop Working?

Please let Pax Pharmacy know immediately so we can get you a replacement. If necessary, a pharmacist will troubleshoot your device. If troubleshooting doesn’t work or there’s nothing a pharmacist or you can do, our team’s new top priority will be finding you a solution.

How Long Will I Need To Use Certain Medical Equipment?

This depends on your medical condition. Patients with identical conditions don’t necessarily have to use the same medical equipment for the same amount of time. When a pharmacist is initially teaching you about your device, they’ll let you know how long you can expect to use it. They’ll also monitor you and inform you if the timeline has changed.

Feel Safe Using Duarte Medical Devices

Hopefully these answers addressed your medical-device needs. If not or you require a more expanded answer, a Duarte pharmacist can provide you with more assistance. Helping further your understanding of medical devices and empowering your lifestyle are two of Pax Pharmacy’s primary priorities!

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