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7 Benefits Of Choosing A Local Pharmacy VS A Chain Pharmacy

Choose Your Local Pharmacy for a Pharmacist Who Cares

The availability of pharmacy options in your town can be overwhelming. With multiple chains in every direction and increasing use of pharmacies for cold, flu, and virus testing or prescription fills, it may be difficult to choose which pharmacy is best for you.

There are several reasons to choose a local pharmacy over a chain pharmacy. If the reasons below don’t convince you, let our team of local Duarte pharmacists do it in person.

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7 Reasons to Choose a Local Pharmacy

Despite chain pharmacies being on every street corner and in every shopping center, they may not be the best choice for your pharmacy needs. A local pharmacy and its dedicated employees can be more accessible than the chain pharmacies in your area. From friendly interactions to personal delivery of prescriptions, your local pharmacists provide better service with a smile.

Here are seven reasons why you should choose your local pharmacy rather than a chain pharmacy:

  1. Personalized experience: As you become a regular customer at your local pharmacy, your pharmacist will learn your name, remember you as you walk in, and provide friendly, personalized service. This is a reassuring benefit for people with chronic illness or pain and reoccurring prescriptions. It affords the customer confidence that the pharmacist will keep these in mind when filling a one-time prescription.
  2. Support small business: By shopping at and utilizing a local pharmacy, you are supporting a small business and your community. Chain pharmacies do not necessarily support the economy of the town or city where they are located. Support the economic health of your city or community by choosing a local pharmacy.
  3. Pricing Differences: Many independent, local pharmacies have a lower profit margin, allowing them to offer lower prices when needed. Pharmacists may be flexible with the pricing of your expensive medications if you are struggling to cover the expense. They may also offer cash-pay options if that is beneficial rather than going through your insurance.
  4. Responsive and efficient: Smaller, local pharmacies often have shorter wait times and shorter lines in the store. This may be due in part to chain pharmacies being understaffed and workers being overwhelmed, creating long lines and long wait times for phone calls. This is especially true during times of vaccines for flu and viruses and in high traffic times of each day.
  5. Patient education: Local pharmacists have the time and the patience to provide more than just the information covering your prescription. Local pharmacists build rapport with customers and can discuss health and wellness topics that a chain pharmacist might brush off. The extra time and care provided at a local pharmacy make a huge difference in customer education and relations.
  6. Accuracy and reliability: Unlike chain pharmacies that are overworking their pharmacy staff and are inundated with prescription requests, smaller pharmacies offer reliability and accuracy with your prescription fills. Without the corporate pressure and constant customer turnover, your local pharmacist can make sure that your prescription is filled accurately.
  7. Free delivery: Free delivery is something that is out of the question with chain pharmacies, but that is not the case with local pharmacies. If a loyal customer needs a prescription delivered, a local pharmacist can do so.

Pax Pharmacy Offers So Much More

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