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The Role Of The Pharmacist In Patient Safety

The Duarte pharmacists at Pax Pharmacy emphasize patient understanding and safety and how they impact health services. Call us today at Pax!

The Role Of The Pharmacist In Patient Safety

Feel Safe with Your Duarte Pharmacist at Pax Pharmacy

On top of providing pharmaceutical-related services, your local Duarte pharmacy must also make you feel safe. The environment within your pharmacy, how the pharmacy staff treats you, and the resources they have available all impact your mindset toward healthcare. Within the pharmacy, your relationship with your pharmacist holds the heaviest impact and influence on your and other patients’ safety.

Pax Pharmacy’s pharmacists make you feel safe and confident about your healthcare. Call us today to learn more and speak with one of our Duarte.

Providing Patient Safe through Medication Management

Prescription medication comes to mind when one hears “pharmacy.” It’s a core function that pharmacists take seriously to ensure patient safety. The correct dosage and prescriptions are vital and what you’ve come to expect your pharmacy will deliver. Duarte pharmacists practice due diligence by offering medication therapy management, which includes:

  • Managing several medications for several health conditions
  • Monitoring your reactions to certain medications
  • Making sure there are no contraindications between prescriptions
  • Helping you handle medication costs

Paying close attention to the details is how your pharmacy in Duarte makes you feel safe.

Patient Education

Pharmacists who prioritize patient safety share their expertise and experience with patients. Education surrounding your health and prescriptions is integral to our service because it can make you feel more in control. Duarte pharmacists will give you a thorough rundown of your prescriptions, and how they treat your condition, but education doesn’t stop there. A program like diabetes education and support is an example of how pharmacists help patients learn about their health.

Taking Care of the Community

Looking after the community is how a pharmacy practices patient safety. It shows pharmacists care about the greater good and want everyone to know their local pharmacy is a resource, including during a medical emergency.

Assisting local long-term care facilities in Duarte and administering immunizations and vaccinations are other ways a pharmacy can make the community feel safe about health.

Make Pax Pharmacy in Duarte Your Rx Safe Choice

Pax Pharmacy cares about your safety just as much as you do. Applying our expertise to serve your healthcare needs makes our pharmacy in Duarte more reliable. When our pharmacists are your go-to resource for healthcare, the right team is in your corner.

Feeling safe goes a long way when it comes to health, and the Pax pharmacists in Duarte do what they can to ensure that safety. Call our pharmacists today so they can care for you.