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How Pharmacists Can Help You Afford Medication

Patient Assistance for Rising Prescription Costs

Prescription drug costs are consistently on the rise, and the problem that poses to patients is absorbing the cost increase, whether they have insurance or not. Even patients with prescription coverage through their insurance may have to pay high out-of-pocket costs for medications that are not fully covered or prescriptions that are not covered at all.

These rising costs can create a difficult choice between groceries and prescription costs, so many prescriptions go unfilled or discontinued as the patient cannot afford them. With this choice comes the unfortunate consequence of patients left with lingering illness or pain and treatment plans faltering as medications become last on a laundry list of expenses.

At Pax Pharmacy, our Duarte pharmacists care about our customers. We want to help patients afford their medication, so we are well-versed in options to help reduce costs. From patient prescription assistance programs to coupons and discount cards, we will do what we can to help you get the treatment you need.

Call the Duarte pharmacists at Pax Pharmacy today to discuss your prescription costs and how we can help.

Prescription Costs Assistance Options

Not only can your pharmacist help with coupons and reduced prescription costs, but we can also help with local and state options for prescription assistance. Patient assistance programs can help patients who:

  • • Don’t have health insurance
  • • Don’t have adequate coverage for prescriptions
  • • Need prescriptions that insurance does not cover

You can apply for patient assistance programs even if you do not qualify for government insurance options like Medicaid or Medicare. The most common requirements include proof of low income, lack of prescription coverage, and proof of US citizenship or legal residency.

Assistance programs can be found online at:

Prescription Discounts, Coupons, and Membership Programs

One of the easiest and most common ways prescription costs can be reduced is by switching the medication from brand name to generic medication. Ask your pharmacist if there is a generic option for your medication or a less expensive medication that does the same thing as what you are prescribed.

Many pharmacies accept coupons and discount cards, like AAA cards, that can be applied to your prescription costs whether you have insurance or not. Discount cards may also include government discount cards, Good Rx, or Web MD prescription discounts. Some drug companies also provide copay cards for patients who are on long-term medication.

Patients may also seek nonprofit assistance that includes:

  • • Partnership for Prescription Assistance
  • • Patient Advocate Foundations Co-Pay Relief
  • • Access Health

Local pharmacies may offer customers prescription savings based on a membership or loyalty program, which can help reduce prescription costs. We can also partner with community health centers, prescription delivery programs, and other prescription aid options.

Ask Pax Pharmacy How We Can Help

The local Duarte pharmacists at Pax Pharmacy are here to help. We understand that many patients cannot afford all the treatment they need and are available to help with assistance and discounts so you can afford your prescriptions. From medical equipment to ongoing treatment, let our pharmacists work with you to be the healthiest you can be.

Contact Pax Pharmacy to learn about the prescription cost programs we are affiliated with and discuss your prescription needs.