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The Duarte pharmacy specialists at Pax Pharmacy discuss newborn essentials and explain all that you can get at our pharmacy!

Newborn Pharmacy Essentials

Pax Pharmacy Has What You Need for Your Newborn in Duarte

Welcoming your newborn baby home can come with feelings of overwhelm about all the essential products you need to purchase. Luckily, Pax Pharmacy has compiled a comprehensive list of exactly what you need to stock your baby’s medicine cabinet.

Based on pediatric recommendations to keep your baby safe and healthy and you prepared, Pax Pharmacy offers you a sense of calm and confident preparation, so you can focus on the important moments with your newborn bundle of joy.

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Newborn Baby Medicine Cabinet Checklist

In order to stock your baby’s medicine cabinet with pharmacy essentials, you’ll need a comprehensive list of products to prevent and treat illness and injury, as well as provide care through all of your newborn’s major milestones.

Compiled from pediatrician recommendations of what you should always have on hand in your child’s medicine cabinet, Pax Pharmacy provides you with this newborn pharmacy essentials list:

  1. Children’s Acetaminophen Liquid: Over-the-counter fever reducer and pain reliever is important to keep on hand for those unavoidable bouts of ailment. Take note, you should not give Tylenol to infants younger than 2 months (or younger than 6 months for children’s ibuprofen). Just be sure to follow dosages exactly.
  2. Anti-Gas Medication: Tummy issues are common with newborns, but they need assistance to relieve gas and alleviate the pain that comes with it. Simethicone drops help to reduce intestinal gas and relieve baby. Many times, colic can be caused by intestinal discomfort.
  3. Infant Vitamin D Drops: Especially if baby is exclusively breastfed, infant vitamin D drops are essential to prevent a deficiency that can lead to more serious health problems.
  4. Iron Supplements: While you can use iron-fortified formula to meet your baby’s iron needs, you may want to keep iron supplements on hand. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends iron supplements for breastfed babies until 6 months old, when you can begin to introduce iron-rich foods to their diet.
  5. Saline Nose Spray: This is used to treat dryness in the nose and prevent other issues such as upper respiratory tract infections.
  6. Snot Remover: Because newborns can only breathe through their noses, it is up to parents to manually remove any snot, burgers, and blockages from their tiny little nostrils. While the classic bulb aspirator you usually are sent home with from the hospital works great, you may consider more modern, alternative nasal aspirators to keep your baby breathing clearly.
  7. Diaper Cream: To treat the unavoidable diaper rash, select a diaper cream with zinc oxide. Aquaphor is also great for preventing diaper rash by providing moisture on the skin.
  8. Triple Antibiotic Ointment: Keep this on hand next to your baby bandages for easy-to reach treatment of small scrapes and cuts to prevent infection.
  9. Baby Lotion: Skin care is important for baby, and there are a ton of baby lotions on the market. We recommend looking for one that can treat eczema and provide baby with soothing relief.
  10. Bandages: While you should always have a first aid kit on hand anyway, it is helpful to have special Band-Aids for sensitive newborn skin to prevent irritation, as well as provide you with the right size for small scrapes and cuts.
  11. Baby Nail Clippers: Those tiny little toes and fingers need a tiny, safe pair of clippers of their own to keep trimmed and prevent your newborn from scratching themselves!
  12. Petroleum Jelly: This is a versatile product to keep on hand that can be used for rectal thermometer insertion, dry skin, protect minor cuts, and reduce diaper rash.
  13. Thermometer: While a rectal thermometer is still considered the gold standard in terms of monitoring your baby’s temperature with the most accuracy, a good forehead (temporal) scanner is the next most accurate when used correctly.
  14. Teething Remedies: Though it may be a few months before newborn baby cuts his first tooth, you’ll want to be prepared with teething remedies such as soothing gels, liquids, and chewing teethers.
  15. Oral Electrolytes: To prevent dehydration with stomach viruses, oral electrolyte solutions such as Pedialyte can be given to newborns to replace important vitamins and minerals lost during illness.

Your Local Pax Pharmacy in Duarte Has What You Need

Pax Pharmacy is your local provider for all the essentials you need for your newborn, and more. Bring this checklist in, and we will assist you in finding everything. Applying our expertise to serve your healthcare needs makes our pharmacy in Duarte your reliable pharmacy essentials provider. When our pharmacists are your go-to resource for healthcare, you will be confidently prepared to handle all that comes with caring for your newborn.

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