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How Does Medicare Work With My Pharmacy

Learning which Medicare plan provides the coverage you need can seem challenging, but a Duarte pharmacist makes it less complicated. Call Pax Pharmacy today!

Medicare Coverage in Duarte Can Include Pharmacy Visits

Helping you understand your conditions and prescriptions is one of Duarte pharmacists’ primary responsibilities. One purpose of services like Diabetes Education and Support and Medication Therapy Management, plus others, is so you can control of your health.

But without Medicare coverage in Duarte, you may not get the chance to benefit from these services. Enrolling and understanding Medicare can be intimidating, but with the right people in your corner, you can get the care you require and deserve. In addition to breaking down the fancy language insurance providers use, Pax Pharmacy educates you on available Medicare options.

Call Pax Pharmacy today to improve your understanding of Medicare.

Understanding Medicare Plans

Everyone enrolled in Medicare has the option to receive prescription drug coverage, according to Of course, not every plan is the same. Some cost more than others, and one plan can cover certain prescriptions another doesn’t. Knowing what you sign up for is key to getting the right coverage.

Medicare Drug Plans

Medicare Drug Plans are plans you can add to existing coverage, like:

  • Original Medicare
  • Certain Medicare Cost Plans
  • Certain Private Fee-for-Service plans
  • Medical Savings Account plans

A requirement of adding a Medicare Drug Plan is to already have Medicare Part A, which is hospital insurance and/or Medicare Part B, which covers doctors’ and preventive services, outpatient care and medical supplies.

Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)

The perk of enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan is it includes Part A’s and B’s coverage, as long as you already have Part A and B coverage prior to enrolling in Part C. This is mandatory, and if you elect to have all three, triple check they include drug coverage.

Evaluate Options Outside of Medicare

Medicare may not be right for you. An existing insurance plan provided by your employer or another source may provide what you need. If you’re looking to add prescription drug coverage to your existing plan, read or have an expert read the new coverage’s details. Coverage from one insurance plan may cancel out the other, leaving you without essential benefits.

A Duarte Pharmacist Can Help You Understand and Receive Medicare Coverage

After you decide which Medicare plan is for you, it’s time to enroll. Pax Pharmacy offers Medicare Open Enrollment from October 15 to December 7. It’s your opportunity to talk through your options with a Duarte pharmacist so you sign up for the right plan!

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