Pill Packaging

How Pill Packaging Can Make People’s Live Safer And Easier

Pre-Dosed Pill Packages Help You Stick to Your Medication Regimen

There are several advantages and benefits of utilizing the option of prepackaged medications to make remembering, taking, and adhering to your prescription regimen. Prepackaged medications aid in not only medication adherence, but also in simplifying the overall difficulty that comes with opening child-proof containers, especially for the elderly. These difficulties compound when a person takes multiple medications several times each day.

Whether taking care of elderly prescription adherence or simplifying one’s medication regimen, pre-dosed, prepackaged medication packs can greatly improve medication adherence and ease the task of remembering medication.

At Pax Pharmacy, we care about your medication regimen and ensure that you are as healthy as possible with the help of your prescription medications. Our Duarte pharmacists and technicians want to make sticking to your prescriptions as easy as possible, so we offer to prepackage for single and multiple medications.

Contact the pharmacists at Pax Pharmacy in Duarte today to discuss your medication regimen and how our team can help you adhere to your doctor’s orders.

The Goal of Pill Packaging

Adherence to drug regimens is the primary concern for individuals who take five or more pills per day, known as polypharmacy. Adherence or compliance packaging works by combining all the drugs a patient takes into one package, using blister packs, pouches, or small paper packages. The medications are organized by dose, days of the week, and time of day that the patient takes them. The goal of this is to reduce the chance of medication errors, boosting patient outcomes.

In cases of the elderly, where they are reliant on caretakers or family members, it helps to be able to disperse medications easily and simply with prepackaged dosing. Or when elderly patients are in charge of their medication, this system allows them to be sure they are taking the correct medications and the right times and days.

The Innovation of Pill Packaging and Dispensers

Prepackaged pill technology is a business that has increasing potential and several benefits for patients. This business began with an online pharmacy, called Pill Pack, acquired by Amazon in 2019 for $753 million. Their innovative process organized medications into individual paper packets, labeled the packages with dates and times that medicine should be taken, then mailed the prepackaged medications to the patients.

Following this innovation, companies began producing and designing dispenser boxes that administer each pack sequentially, identifying if a day or dosage is missed. The dispenser box helps to manage and simplify complex drug regimens.

Hero is a growing company that developed a new technology revolutionizing the management of medications. They created an at-home pill dispenser that organizes the medications and prompts patients to take the right pill at the correct time.

Pax Pharmacy Provides Pill Packaging for Easier Adherence

If you have trouble keeping track of multiple medications and dosages each day, or if you are in charge of caring for more than one patient, pill packaging can help. With pre-dosed packages and even at-home dispense options, you can better manage your medications and improve adherence. Why risk missing medication or forgetting if you have taken a dose when you can take advantage of pill packaging and labeled doses?

Trust the pharmacists to make your life and medication regimen safer and simpler with packaged medications. Contact Pax Pharmacy in Duarte to discuss your pill packaging needs with our pharmacists and technicians.