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How to Safely Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

Safe Medication and OTC Drug Disposal in Duarte

Whether cleaning your medicine cabinet to start the new year fresh or for regular spring cleaning, your medicine cabinet should be part of your cleaning to-do list. Expired, unused, and unneeded medications pose a potential risk to you and your family. Plus, an unorganized, overflowing medicine cabinet can make for a difficult time finding what you need when ill or injured.

Properly storing and discarding old or unused medications can help keep you and your family safe while keeping medicines out of the wrong hands and reducing the risk of taking the wrong medication.

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Steps to Safely Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

Cleaning out your medicine cabinet, box, or bin is easy when you follow the steps below:

Identify unused prescriptions or over-the-counter medications. Set aside prescriptions from past hospital visits, surgeries, expired medications, or any over-the-counter medication that looks or smells different or has changed viscosity. Old, expired medications lose potency, may not work as effectively, and pose potentially harmful risks. Partially used prescription antibiotics will not pack the same punch as a new medicine, so skip the old Rx and get a new one if illnesses arise.

Dispose of prescription medications safely. Most medications should not be disposed of in your regular household trash. Rather than sending old medicine to the landfill or risking it getting into the wrong hands, use regulated safe disposal measures. Your town or city should have safe medication drop-off sites near you that will take unused prescription medication for proper disposal. Some medications can be flushed, following the guidelines of the FDA flush list.

Disposal at home using safe methods. Medications that are not flushed or dropped off can be disposed of using the following methodology: Mix crushed or liquid medicine with dirt, used coffee grounds, or kitty little to make it less desirable and less likely to be used improperly. Place the mixture in a sealed bag before disposal. Remember to remove all identifying information from medication bottles or prescription labels before disposal.

Properly store medications. Consider ordering over-the-counter meds and prescriptions by purpose while differentiating between children and adult medications. Consider different storage for each category, for example: cold/flu, stomach trouble, and muscle/pain. Be sure to store all prescription and OTC medications in a cool, dry, and dark place for the best preservation of stability. If you have small children at home, lock medications safely away from tiny hands or hide them where they are out of sight and reach.

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